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Dr. Kathryn H., Ed.D
Divorcing the Narcissist - Look No Further than Mr. John Ibrahim, Esq.

I had divorced a very volatile, pathological NPD man, and had a very rough five years with the post-divorce manipulation, false allegations, grandstanding, and all the other grandiose disordered behaviors from my ex. I have used multiple lawyers in the past for the divorce and subsequent custody modifications, as you could imagine, because most attorneys do not understand and appreciate the complexity of the situation or the narcissistic personality disorder. I interviewed four other attorneys before I found John Ibrahim. John practices family law exclusively, and is extremely knowledgeable and prepared to handle the exceptional litigation challenges associated with divorcing the narcissist personality. He is very responsive, diligent, and dependable, as well as easy to talk to, patient, empathetic, and kind. John has an unbelievable presence in the courtroom--and this is crucial, especially crucial, when you are involved in divorcing a narcissist. John was able to mitigate the impact of my ex's attempts to abuse by proxy using the court system and CPS. He was very proactive, and was never once swayed by my ex's attempts to use the Covid-19 shutdown to evade the situation. John prevailed in my DVRO hearing and I got a five-year restraining order against my ex, sole legal and physical custody of my children with no visitation for my ex, and John even got the Judge to see there does exist a need for a psychiatric evaluation for my ex--the Judge then ordered my ex to get a psychiatric evaluation and to provide proof of responding to treatment as a requirement for ever getting any visitation in the future. John and his paralegal Connie worked very diligently and professionally to get results that exceeded my expectations. They were very thorough with each of the pleadings, and are both extremely adept at navigating the legal system. I highly recommend Mr. John Ibrahim, Esq.

Outstanding and understanding

Has fought for me for the last 2 years. Has given me the time and commitment needed to fight what seemed a impossible case. Although we are still fighting the end looks near and in my favor out of his team and him-selves hard work.


I hired Mr. Ibrahim for my child custody, child support and spousal support case. My case had been going on for so long. I informed Mr. Ibrahim about the details of the case and I was such a nervous wreck. We talked over the phone about everything and I felt a sense of calm because I knew that he would take care of me on my case. I WAS RIGHT!! He did not stop fighting for me once I retained him and he answered all of my questions. He accomplished all my goals for me and he was honest with me during the entire time. He was affordable but more importantly he was an attorney that actually cared about the outcome of my case. If I ever have any problem again, I will look no further. Thank you Mr. Ibrahim. My family thanks you.

Custody challenges

I am grateful that I hired Mr. Ibrahim as my lawyer . I had been battling child custody matters for two and the half years and thanks to Mr. Ibrahim and his legal team I had an increase in my parental custody rights. Mr. Ibrahim and his legal team were very informative and very helpful with all concerns and issues I needed answered. If Mr. Ibrahim was not available when I called he always followed up with a text or phone call within a timely timeframe. I would highly recommend Mr. Ibrahim to anyone who is seeking legal counsel. I want to say thanks again to Mr. Ibrahim and his legal team for all your hardwork with assisting me with my difficult case . Your time, compassion, and willingness was greatly appreciated. Sincerely B. D

A strategy that works!

Attorney Y.John is the Best Lawyer I’ve ever had. His professional yet reassuring demeanor was all I needed to retain him for my case. He planned my case just right and controlled the court room. He nailed it and God blessed us to Win my case!! Thank you Y.John!!!

Child custody and visitation

This whole journey was a easy one, John and Connie both assisted me in a great manner. Going into the court can be really nerve racking considering if you never had done it before. But luckily John answered all my questions and explain what to expect and how to expect it. It really made everything a breeze, considering I’ll probably be issuing John again future reference because I don’t think the ex party will let me off that easy lol. Once again, thank you John and team!


My attorney was phenomenal in our child visitation case he was transparent, very effective in accomplishing the visitation for the best interest of my 2 girls. He was able to get us what we wanted and so much more so that myself and my family can spend more quality time with our children and be able to take part in their daily academic life. I recommend him highly Mr. Ibrahim was able to show the facts so the judge could see what was really going on and able to guide me every step of the way, thank you!

Amazing representation

The idea of having not only to go through divorce but also moving out of state was overwhelming. I was referred to Mr Ibrahim and after having attended a consultation with him and his team I felt comfortable hiring them to assist with this life Changing event. Unfortunately during this process I faced several Health issues that lead me to being hospitalized. During this time Mr Ibrahim and his team made sure I was compliant with court requested documents and dates. Out of state employment did not allow me to attend a few court dates but I knew I was well represented and even though the opposing party was very involuntary which caused the process to take longer I was a able to receive results that I was hoping for. I appreciate the entire team as I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself.

Help with child custody and visitation

He was a excellent lawyer. He helped me through the entire process from start to finish. He was able to confidently tell me possible outcomes that were realistic and what to expect. He still continue to give me legal advice after my case. More importantly his prices are reasonable his services are worth the money. Definitely recommend him to anyone with custody or visitation issues. I will be using him in the future if needed.

Dependable Family Law Attorney

Mr. Ibrahim and staff handled my family law case very professionally. He took me through the step-by-step process and was very patient with explaining the process. His support staff was also very courteous and patient with handling my paperwork. I would dedinitely recommend his services to anyone seeking a highly competent and experienced family law attorney.

Great Lawyer.

Very calm, and confident. Helped me get my children back. He is very professional and his paralegal is great. Definitely worth the hire.


Excellent Lawyer. Come to him with the truth and all your documents. ( it is smart to have evidence and document everything when dealing with child custody issues) I did so and he won. When the other party tried to lie and manipulate with false documentation, Mr. Yahya (John) Mohamed Ibrahim took my truth, evidence and documents and presented it to the judge and won my case. He is very professional, honest and trustworthy. I will definitely keep him as my lawyer for the foreseeable future. I recommend him definitely for great parents that have to deal with difficult, dangerous, messy and vindictive, abusive, manipulative and selfish co-parents. I am grateful , he saw that i was a fair minded father that wanted equality for my children and for parenting my children and he delivered. He is worth every dollar! I wish i would've hired him from day one. Thank you again Mr. Ibrahim.

Calm, honest, knowledgeable

I had decided after my 10 year old daughters father continued time after time to make life hard that I would take him to court and finally get something on paper. I hired John and he traveled two hours away to come to the first hearing. He really gives you peace of mind even if things are a little bumpy and unsure, he makes you feel like everything will work out. If at any time I ever had a question he would answer it in a timely manner. All of his associates whom I had to work with were friendly and knowledgeable. Everything worked out just like he said it would and I was awarded sole physical custody. If in the future a family law lawyer is necessary John will be the first person I call.

Motion to stop spousal support.

I contacted Atty. John Ibrahim in the internet via Goggle. I spoke with him and told him my intentions and hopes.. John was very courteous over the phone and very easy to understand. He mentioned to me about the flat fee which was very reasonable. When I agreed he wrote me the Engagement agreement. Then He instructed me to see his assistant who was also very professional and knowledgable as he is. The case was filed in no time and in two court hearings. We won the case.

Professional and knowledgeable

Mr.Ibrahim was fantastic to work with, efficient and to the point regarding family law. His staff was also amazing making the declaration process easy, dare I say fun? Court can be stressful and make you intimidated or just forgetful of what you need to say or do, he is comfortable in that environment. Overall great experience with this firm, he even remembered to ask the Comissioner to include a stipulation in final orders! Would highly recommend to anyone especially Fathers needing representation.

He was essentially fighting for my life

I came to Mr Ibrahim looking for help with my custody case. It had gotten so nasty and never having gone through anything remotely close I was terrified of losing my son to a father he barely even knew. He took my son and fled the state and tried mercilessly to get the outside state to take jurisdiction over my child (he failed). Mr Ibrahim came to my rescue and understanding how important this was to not only me but to my family as well he fought for my son as if he was his own child. I came out a Victor in the worst battle I'll probably ever fight and I will forever be grateful to Mr Ibrahim for his work in making my life whole. He worked with me beyond measure and he was worth every penny spent. Without him I don't know where I would've ended up with all of this mess. He was cool calm and collected from the jump even when I was a raging wreck and when he said we had it in the bag he was right. Thank you so much for all you have done for my children myself and my family. You couldn't possibly go wrong with him. Best lawyer hands down

Amazing Lawyer

Mr. Ibrahim was helpful in making sure that my sons father did not take away Christmas from me. He was very attentive when I had questions, and will continue to keep him as my lawyer. Job well done.

Good lawyer

He is a good lawyer he help me and my family. He helped me get custody of my son and he also has really good prices

dads have rights too!

John helped my son with custody of his child. Walked us thru the process and helped us navigate the confusion of family court. He is friendly and easy to work with.

Painless experience during a painful time

I was a client of Mr. Ibrahim for my divorce case, custody case and restraining order matter. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I originally tried to take care of the matter myself to save money. BIG MISTAKE! Take it from me, this legal process is a confusing maze for the average person but Mr. Ibrahim clearly explained everything to me from day one so I understood what was going on. He took care of all of my concerns and answered my questions. Most importantly, he got what I wanted in the case. Mr. Ibrahim is very affordable and very aggressive because he made sure I didn’t lose my case. I hope I don’t need an attorney again but if I do he will be the first person I call.


I got full custody because of this man, I should of hired him sooner...best decision I ever made


I was dealing with my son dad in court and wasn't being heard. So I hirred Ibrahim it was the best decision I had ever made. He helped me get what was best for my boys.

Yahya Ibrahim is a great attorney

Yahya Ibrahim is a great attorney

Kimberly Kettle
Knowledge and Experience wins cases

Mr Ibrahim was fantastic. He made me feel comfortable from our first conversation on the phone I could tell he was knowledgeable and spoke with experience. He listened to my concerns and developed a strategy on very short notice. I was involved with a domestic violence and child custody issue with my ex husband. Mr. Ibrahim knew just what to say and do to achieve the results I desired to keep my family safe. We communicated through emails, and phone calls, he was considerate of my needs and followed through. I am thankfuI I put my faith in him and will not hesitate to call again if the need arises. He was invaluable to my case. My only regret is not finding him sooner! Very pleased with his professionalism and expertise.


Mr. Ibrahim represented me in my case and was exceptional. I am so happy that I hired Mr. ibrahim because he was readily available to me and was an extremely sharp attorney. I would definitely work with him again in the future if I ever needed him.

Great service

Great service

Highly professional

Mr. Ibrahim did a highly professional job on my child custody case and he represented me beyond my expectations. This was an extremely difficult and emotional time for me and he was available to me at all times to answer any questions. I’m so happy that I utilized Mr. Ibrahim’s legal services and I would highly recommend him.


Mr. Ibrahim represented me in a case that was an absolute nightmare and he worked through it with such professionalism and excellence I was so happy with his services. His costs were very reasonable and he was available to me at all times of the day. I highly recommend Mr. Ibrahim’s legal services and plan to use him again if I ever need it.

Divorce attorney

Mr. Ibrahim has done an outstanding job handling a very complex divorce case including; child custody negotiations, restraint order processing, and complicated property division. Mr. Ibrahim has alway been promptly available to answer any question, is well experienced in Family Law, and is always well-prepared in court.

Excellent Service

Very understanding and very helpful. He tried to make it as easy as possible and really helped me with everything. He was there when you needed him. Really fought for me on what was really mine that the Ex took that he shouldn't have. Very successful and happy ending to this whole thing. Thank you so much!

The divorce from hell

I would like to formally acknowledge John for getting me through a very rough patch. What should have been a very straightforward and simple process turned into a 2 year ordeal thanks to opposing party. Each day was an adventure into the strange and unexplainable. In spite of it all, John was able to make progress in the end. He has the uncanny ability to know what to ignore and what to stand up to. At the end of the day, he got it done! Thank you John.